Board of Trustees

The Library Board has full legislative authority for the management and provision of library service in the municipality. The Board approves annual budgets and has financial oversight of library operations. In addition, the Board determines service objectives for the library that are appropriate to the needs of the community and re-examines them periodically. The Board also develops policies governing library programs and operations in consultation with the library's manager.

The Library Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of almost every month at 7pm in the Program Room at the Library. Members of the public are welcome to drop-in and attend. However, take note that at times, confidential items may need to be discussed and a motion agreed upon by the board may close the meeting to the public.

Board Members

Rebecca Babichuk

Rebecca Babichuk - Chair

Julie Arbo

Julie Arbo - Vice-Chair

Lori Thompson

Lori Thompson - Secretary

Loraine Berry

Loraine Berry - Council Representative

Chantal Godbout

Chantal Godbout - Board Member

Anna Keet

Anna Keet - Board Member

Kristin Kaese - Board Member

Governance Documents